Arrampica Roma: Sud - Rome South (Idea Montagna)


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Arrampica Roma: Sud - Rome South (Idea Montagna, 2016)

The two volumes of Arrampica Roma (Rome Climbs) cover the climbing areas extending 150km north and south, and 100km east of Rome. All of the crags are within a two hour drive from the city. To the north of Rome the farthest area is Argentario, to the north east is Pale, to the east lies Celano, and to the south is Gaeta. Faicchio is located to the south east. There are a total of 222 crags with over 250 multi pitch routes and over 5,500 single pitch climbs.

This is the South edition of the two-volume series and covers the routes out of Rome adjacent to the A1 Rome-Naples motorway and the Pontina and Flacca roads.

The guide is in English and Italian.