Ascension Left - Black


Product Overview

Petzl Ascension Left - Black

Handled ascenders are well worth their weight if any significant amount of rope-climbing is expected; Big Wall routes, sea cliffs, working-at-height, aboriculture or even route-setting at a climbing wall. The Ascension uses a toothed cam, mounted in a shielded self-cleaning slot, for assured engagement even on dirty or iced-up ropes. The Left and Right units are colour-coded to make identification obvious (Black = Left, Yellow = Right), they are easy to open and attach with one hand, and the ergonomic moulded handle has enough room to accommodate bulky gloves. 
The attachment point at the bottom is big enough to fit two karabiners, for slings, lanyards, footloops etc.

Also available as a Right-Handed unit

Weight: 165g

Rope Diameter Compatibility: 8mm-13mm

Certification: EN 567