Product Overview

Beastmaker fingerboards are among the best available, providing holds that have proper training application, carved with a shape and texture that minimises damage to the skin or finger tendons.

The 1000 board is ideal as a first step along the training path, with jugs, reasonable slopers and a mix of finger pockets that Beastmaker suggest should suit anyone climbing in the 5a-7c range:

2 Jugs

35 Degree Slopers

20 Degree Slopers

1 Very Deep 4 Finger Pocket

2 Deep 4 Finger Pockets

2 Deep 3 Finger Pockets

2 Deep 2 Finger Pockets

2 Medium 4 Finger Pockets

2 Small 4 Finger Pockets (10mm)

2 Medium 2 Finger Pockets

2 Medium 3 Finger Pockets


The 2000 board is aimed at seasoned climbers who are keen to make specific strength improvements and willing to commit to targeted training routines. A good base of fingerboarding experience is highly recommended to avoid discouragement:

45 Degree Slopers

35 Degree Slopers

20 Degree Slopers

Medium 3 Finger Socket

Smaller 3 Finger Socket

Mouth Jug

Big, Little & Incut Rungs

Back 2 Pockets

Big, Little & Sloping 2 Finger Pockets

Sloping and 1 Pad Monos

Both boards are constructed from fine-textured wood and are approximately 58cm x 15cm x 6cm.

Ideally they should be mounted above a doorway – in a material that can bear load – or in some other location that permits hanging freely beneath.