Y Y Vertical finger trainer review

Posted by J Ashman on 3rd Dec 2021

Jamie Ashman, Castle Duty Manager and fearsomely strong climber, gives his thoughts on one of the Y+Y Vertical wooden training aids:'Finger trainers like the Duo are perfect for training individual fi … read more

How to Look After : Your New Shoes

Posted by Shop Staff on 12th May 2021

So, you bought your first Climbing Shoe here's how best to look after them and Best Practice.First pair:If you’re graduating from trainers or rental shoes to your own first pair, well-fitting climbi … read more

How to Choose your Rock Climbing Shoes

Posted by Shop Staff on 15th Feb 2014

It’s the one bit of kit you can’t go without. We asked resident shoe expert and Castle Shop stalwart Toby to give us his guide to buying climbing shoes… A well-fitting pair of shoes can make a big dif … read more