Pembroke Range West. Climbers' Club Guides to Pembroke Volume 2 (Climbers' Club)


Product Overview

Pembroke Range West: Milford Haven to Perimiter Bays. Climbers' Club Guides to Pembroke Volume 2 (Climbers' Club, 2013)

Pembroke Range West covers the part of Castlemartin Range extending westwards from Stack Rocks car park.
By UK climbing standards this is a 'new' climbing area, which in main has only been developed since the early nineties. Despite this the guide contains over 1100 routes of all grades from some classic 3-star VDiff/Severe climbs to one of the hardest on-sight leads in Britain and a lot in-between. The climbing is in a very active firing range and this does lead to additional access restrictions and pre-preparation (attendance at a briefing is required). However the additional planning and effort is well worthwhile as the Range is an extremely attractive place to climb; the rock is almost invariably solid (and certainly not polished) and the situations are often outrageous - it has all the ingredients for a great day out on the sea-cliffs.

This guide features photo topos for nearly all routes combined with approach maps and diagrams.