Sandstone Outcrops of the Forest of Dean (Climbers' Club)


Product Overview

Sandstone Outcrops of the Forest of Dean. Climbers' Club Guide to the Wye Valley and Forest Dean Vol 3 (Climbers' Club, 2006)

The first in a new series of Climbers' Club guides to the Wye Valley area - this volume, written by Martin Crocker, describes the area's many hundreds of short climbs and bouldering routes of between 5 and 12 metres on natural sandstone that in places attains top gritstone quality. The 'Forest of Dean' experience is one of soft, leafy and shady surrounds where the heady mix of grit-like solo-bouldering of up to 10m has great appeal particularly for those who can't face or are unwilling to travel the 160 miles or so to the Peak.