Connect Adjust


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Product Overview

The simplicity of the Connect Adjust lanyard belies its usefulness; it allows quick, secure adjustment when attaching to bolts and anchors and is useful to sport climbers and mountaineers alike. It is made from dynamic cord, so unlike a cows-tail made from a stitched sling it will absorb an amount of shock in the event of a slip when attached below an anchor. Nor it does not need to be unknotted every time its length needs to be adjusted.
Attach to your harness' belay loop with a larks-foot hitch, then clip out of the way on the gear loops ready for easy deployment when at an anchor. The faff-reduction alone quickly justifies it in your rack.

Use with a locking karabiner (not included). 

Useable length: 15-95cm

Weight: 125g

Certification: UIAA 109