Eigerwand - A Climber's Guide to the 1938 Heckmair Route


Product Overview

Eigerwand - A Climber's Guide to the 1938 Heckmair Route (2017)

The infamous 1938 Heckmair Route on the Eiger's North Face is a climb wreathed in intimidation and tragedy, but surprisingly accessible to the modern alpinist. This handy pocket guide dares the Everyman climber to tackle this legendary tour by providing comprehensive, easy-to-follow topos and concise route-finding advice. Plus, up-to-date information about when to climb, equipment, bivouac sites, and other strategies for a successful ascent of the much-coveted Eigerwand.

Features Include:

  • Outstanding route topos with additional detailed topos for crux and difficult-to-navigate areas.
  • Route descriptions, including suggested belay stances and bivouac info.
  • Ruin this booklet: topos and route descriptions are printed on tear-resistant and waterproof paper, and are designed to be cut out and carried on the climb!
  • Advice on climbing strategy, route finding, and gear.
  • Information, drawings, and maps for the approach and descent.