Europe Sport Vertical: Jingo Topo Guide


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Europe Sport Vertical: Jingo Topo Guide

This is the only definitive and comprehensive guidebook to all the climbing available in Europe, all superbly packaged into a single volume which fits easily into the top of the rucksack. If you want to plan a climbing holiday at any time of the year, or at any place in Europe, then this is the guidebook with all the key information.

No matter what style of climbing you are interested in; Sports routes, bouldering, Alpine routes, adventure climbing, naturally protected routes, even traditional Czech 'knotted sling' style, this guidebook will lead you to the best cliffs. This guidebook shows how many routes there are at all of the 2600 crags, and the range of grades available, and how suitable the cliff is for each standard of climber. Star ratings are given to all the cliffs in Europe, which show the holiday potential, climbing worthyness, and the ambient setting. 

96 Climbing diagrams - for over 2600 different cliffs. Over 350 Colour photos