Product Overview

La Sportiva’s Finale is a high-quality shoe that is intended particularly for comfort. The unlined suede leather upper, in combination with the extended lacing system, adapts well to a variety of foot shapes. The full-length midsole unit provides stiffness and support to reduce strain on the feet, while the rand tension is calculated to retain snugness but still allow for several hours of wearing on multi-pitch routes, if necessary.

With a mind to extending the life of the shoe, Sportiva have re-designed the sole to make it easier to replace when worn, and source leather made with a less impactful tanning process to try to improve their environmental burden as a company. 

Size Range: EU 34 - 48 (inc. halves)

Sole Rubber: XS Edge

Sole Thickness: 5mm

Insole: 1.1mm LaSpoFlex

Upper Material: Leather

Lining: None


La Sportiva’s sizing is somewhat peculiar compared to that of most other manufacturers. It is not unusual to take their shoes 1½-2 full euro sizes – or more - smaller than your foot measurement. Naturally this varies depending on foot shape, intended use and personal preference.