Freino Carabiner


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Product Overview

The Freino is designed to allow for the easy addition of friction to the rope control system, making it an invaluable item for anyone who relishes their reputation as a faultless belayer or spends their days descending ropes in a professional setting. It is simple to use, the snap-gate allowing the rope to be redirected and secured over the friction spur without having to open the karabiner, also permitting one-handed removal. 
It has a keylock nose on the main gate to prevent snagging, and a self-locking Twist-Lock barrel for maximum security.
Petzl recommend it for the Grigri belay devices, and the Stop, Huit, Huit Antibrulure and Simple descenders (in a Single Rope set up)

Weight: 85g 

Gate opening: 15mm

Breaking Strengths:

  • Major axis strength: 25 kN
  • Minor axis strength: 10kN
  • Open gate strength: 9kN


Certifications: EN 12275, EN 362 – Type ‘B’