Grangers Performance Repel Plus Spray 275ml


Product Overview

Grangers have developed a proprietary blend of polymers and emulsions that restore water repellency to all outdoor gear, without using the environmentally harmful fluorocarbons traditionally used to apply a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating to waterproof clothing. DWRs help maintain the breathability of technical fabrics by preventing saturation of the outer layers that would otherwise inhibit evaporation from the body.

Performance Repel Plus is suitable for all fabrics, including those lined with Gore-Tex®. It is easy to apply from this spray bottle and does not need heat activation; once the garment has dried it is ready to use again.

275ml trigger-spray bottle

Bluesign® approved; bottle made from Ocean Waste Plastic and fully recyclable.


Note that Grangers recommend cleaning fabrics with Performance Wash prior to re-proofing to maximise effectiveness.