Product Overview

Since its introduction in 1991, the Grigri has become the gold standard for assisted-braking belay devices. It has evolved numerous times since its original model, as Petzl adapt it to accommodate developments in rope technology - and climbers’ habits. The basic process of feeding slack and catching falls should be familiar to any climber used to a standard belay tube, with a camming lock then giving extra holding power in the event of a fall.
Engaged by the sudden rope movement this generates, the cam then remains active for as long as there is a force operating against it, meaning it is much easier for belayers to hold a fallen leader, with the lever mechanism smoothly releasing the rope when climbing is resumed, or during lower-off.
This latest version is optimised for use with single ropes from 8.9-10.5mm, and compatible with ropes down to 8.5mm/up to 11mm.

Weight: 175g

Certifications: EN 15151-1, UIAA 129

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