Katana Woman - White/Purple


Product Overview

The Katana has established itself over the years as one of the best ‘do-it-all’ technical climbing shoes, equally at home in the mountains, on the crags, circuit bouldering and at the wall. By incorporating asymmetry and tension into a classic overall shape, without going too overboard, they manage to balance sensitivity, precision and support. The Katanas are constructed from a mix of materials, combining leather and synthetic textiles to provide comfort and performance.

For the women’s version, Sportiva keep the same essential size and shape, but it’s assumed the wearer is lighter than a male climber wearing the same size, so the sole stiffness and rand tension are adjusted accordingly to achieve an equivalent feel. In effect the ‘female’ shoes are a little softer and more flexible, so particularly suit climbers seeking these qualities in their shoes – regardless of gender.

Size Range: EU 33 - 42 (inc. halves)

Sole Rubber: XS Grip

Sole Thickness: 4mm

Insole: 0.8mm LaSpoFlex

Upper Material: Leather & synthetic microfibre

Lining: ‘Pacific’ toe-box, ‘Dentex’ heel


La Sportiva’s sizing is somewhat peculiar compared to that of most other manufacturers. It is not unusual to take their shoes 1½-2 full euro sizes – or more - smaller than your foot measurement. Naturally this varies depending on foot shape, intended use and personal preference.