Katana - Yellow/Black


Product Overview

The Katana has established itself over the years as one of the best ‘do-it-all’ technical climbing shoes, equally at home in the mountains, on the crags, circuit bouldering and at the wall. By incorporating asymmetry and tension into a classic overall shape, without going too overboard, they manage to balance sensitivity, precision and support. The Katanas are constructed from a mix of materials, combining leather and synthetic textiles to provide comfort and performance.

Size Range: EU 34 - 46 (inc. halves)

Sole Rubber: XS Edge

Sole Thickness: 4mm

Insole: 1.1mm LaSpoFlex

Upper Material: Leather & synthetic microfibre

Lining: ‘Pacific’ toe-box, ‘Dentex’ heel


La Sportiva’s sizing is somewhat peculiar compared to that of most other manufacturers. It is not unusual to take their shoes 1½-2 full euro sizes – or more - smaller than your foot measurement. Naturally this varies depending on foot shape, intended use and personal preference.