Miura Lace - Lime

Was: £130.00
Now: £110.50

Product Overview

The Miura endures in the La Sportiva range thanks to its particular suitability as a technical trad shoe. It has enough downturn, asymmetry and forefoot stiffness to permit performance on small edges and pockets, or hold reliably in cracks, but is not so aggressive it cannot be worn for long or complicated pitches. The slickly adjusting laces also allow for a finely tuned fit depending on the situation, and in combination with the inner lining keep stretching and shape-change to a minimum.

Size Range: EU 36 - 46 (inc. halves)

Sole Rubber: XS Edge

Sole Thickness: 4mm

Insole: 1.1mm LaSpoFlex (in forefoot only)

Upper Material: Leather

Lining: ‘Dentex’


La Sportiva’s sizing is somewhat peculiar compared to that of most other manufacturers. It is not unusual to take their shoes 1½-2 full euro sizes – or more - smaller than your foot measurement. Naturally this varies depending on foot shape, intended use and personal preference.