Parrot - 9.8mm Rope

£120.00 - £140.00

Product Overview

Robust, all-round rope with an ecological footprint. Produced of high-quality yarns left over from production. Its handling and strength are identical to our other ropes.

Please note that because each rope is made from a different blend of ropes, each one of these is unique and colour variations will naturally occurr. 



Diameter [mm]: 9,80

Dynamic elongation [%]: 32

Impact of force [Kn]: 8,80

Core proportion [%]: 60,00

Sheath proportion [%]: 40,00

Weight [g/m]: 62,00

Static elongation [%]: 9,30

Number of falls: 7

CE marking: CE 0123

country of origin: Germany

Single Rope: Yes

double rope: No

Twin Rope: No