Product Overview

The Reverso has been a byword for ‘guide’-style belay devices for many years, constantly updated by Petzl to keep abreast of developments in rope-thickness trends. It is barely heavier than most standard belay tubes, yet adds extra versatility with the capability to attach directly to an anchor, so a second (or seconds) can be brought up with an extra degree of security when it’s set up to provide assisted braking. An additional loop gives a leverage point to help release the lock should a second need slack after a slip. The finishing is kind to ropes and conducive to smooth belaying, and the recommended orientation is permanently etched on the side. 

Note that two locking karabiners are required for use in guide mode.

Weight: 57g

Rope Compatibility:

  • Single: 8.5mm-11mm
  • Half: 7.1mm-9.2mm
  • Twin: 6.9mm-9.2mm

Certification: EN 15151-2, UIAA