Seven Climbs - Sherwood


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Charles Sherwood set himself the quest of finding the best climbs on each continent. Eschewing the traditional Seven Summits, where height alone is the determining factor, he instead considered the mountaineering challenge, natural beauty and historical context, aiming to capture the diverse character of each continent and the sheer variety of climbing in all its forms. Sherwood’s ambitious odyssey took him to the Alps, the Himalaya, Yosemite, the Andes, Kenya, New Zealand and South Georgia. His goal was neither to seek glory nor to complete a box-ticking exercise, but simply to enjoy himself in the company of his fellow climbers, including Mark Seaton, Andy Kirkpatrick and Stephen Venables, and to appreciate the splendour of his surroundings. Featuring fascinating historical detail about each route, Seven Climbs is a compelling account of Sherwood's efforts to answer a much-debated question: which are the world's greatest climbs?

Sherwood – 2020


192 pages


ISBN: 9781912560851