Solution Comp - Black/Yellow

Was: £145.00
Now: £123.25

Product Overview

The Solution Comp builds on its forebear’s bouldering heritage, retaining a similar essential shape but tweaking certain aspects to cater particularly to competition requirements. The toe-top rubber is significantly increased for hooking on overhangs and the heel is more tapered and fitted to give better contact when heel-hooking. The overall effect is a soft, precise, very elastic and reactive shoe that is especially suited to the holds and volumes that currently prevail in competitive events.

Size Range: EU 36 - 46 (inc. halves)

Sole Rubber: Vibram XS Grip

Sole Thickness: 3.5mm

Insole: Hytrel plate in metatarsal area & P3 System

Upper Material: Leather/Synthetic Mix

Lining: ‘Pacific’ toe-box