Solution Woman - White/Lily


Product Overview

That the Solution is still in La Sportiva’s stable more than a decade after it was introduced is a testament to its capabilities, and to Sportiva’s design prowess. It was specifically intended as a bouldering shoe, aggressive and sensitive, with enough stiffness to use on slivers of edges and hints of pockets, but sufficient flex in the midsole to permit effective smearing – though this range of performance gained it fans beyond the grunting troglodytes of its original target market.

The distinctive sock-like construction wraps around the whole foot to keep it stable and make best use of the deep heel-cup and additional top rubber when heel-hooking, toe-hooking and generally climbing no-holds-barred. 

For the women’s version, Sportiva keep the same essential size and shape, but it’s assumed the wearer is lighter than a male climber wearing the same size, so the sole stiffness and rand tension are adjusted accordingly to achieve an equivalent feel. In effect the ‘female’ shoes are a little softer and more flexible, so particularly suit climbers seeking these qualities in their shoes – regardless of gender.

Size Range: EU 33 - 42 (inc. halves)

Sole Rubber: Vibram XS Grip

Sole Thickness: 3.5mm

Insole: P3 System

Upper Material: Leather/Synthetic Mix

Lining: ‘Pacific’ toe-box