Spirit Express Quickdraw

£21.50 - £22.00

Product Overview

For many, the Spirit Express is the quintessential sport-climbing quickdraw; light, sturdy and ergonomic, it has found favour with bolt-clippers across the globe. The bolt end krab has a textured gate and keylock nose to make clipping and stripping easier, while the rope end is secured by retainer to stop it spinning and the bent gate readily accepts the rope with minimum effort. An ‘H’ profile provides an optimal strength-to-weight ratio for the karabiners, and a sturdy nylon sling reduces in-situ twisting and gives a more ergonomic hold when having to grab on mid-route.



Gate Openings (Straight/Bent)



21mm / 25mm



21mm / 25mm


Karabiner Breaking Strengths:

  • Major Axis: 23kN
  • Minor Axis: 8kN
  • Gate Open: 9kN

Certifications: EN 12275, EN 566, UIAA