Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at The Castle. Our mantra is Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle – we never let a good thing go to waste. This goes from where we source our products, how they were made and who they were made by, right up to the packaging used. We support fair the treatment of workers and best practices when it comes to the environmental impact of each item. Our planet is important, and we have a shared responsibility to protect it and the people who we share it with, wherever they are in the world.
Organic Cotton and Recycled Fibres Many of the garments you’ll find on this website are made from recycled materials or organically grown fibres. Whether it’s a t-shirt made from super soft organic cotton, form-fitting shorts giving new life to recycled plastics, or beautiful multi-coloured rainbow ropes made from a range of colours instead of one perfect shade, these garments don’t just feel good to wear, buying them does good for our planet too.
Fairtrade Certified Fabrics It’s not just the environment we care about. The products you’ll find here will be sustainably sourced from start to finish. Whether that’s the high standards we have for the fair treatment of cotton pickers or factory workers from our suppliers, or that we deliberately stock and support small local companies as well as the big guys, we research how every company treats its workers all along the supply chain before we start selling. So we can be sure everything we have in stock came from a good place.
We Love Local It’s not just the big guys you’ll find here. We’re proud to stock and support a number of small, independent local creators and businesses amongst the big names you’ll recognise. You may spot a few handmade, unique or one of a kind items on here, and that’s because we believe it’s important to help each other out in the climbing community.
Packaged For Our Planet One of the most troubling parts of online shopping and delivery is the amount of unnecessary packaging. We’re doing our small part in that by using exclusively recycled, upcycled or compostable packaging. Sometimes your purchases may even arrive in cut up and repurposed packaging that was originally used to ship the bulk orders to us. We feel really strongly about this, so don’t be surprised if we get creative in the way we send things out. Waste not, want not.
The Castle Climbing Centre as a whole is committed to sustainable practice throughout the centre. We have a 1.4 hectare organic permaculture garden on site, we use recycled and carefully sourced materials throughout the centre, and support local and sustainable businesses when we’re buying top-up ingredients for our café. Not only that, but we work to support positive initiatives all over the world with our charity and community work, from donating retired holds to charity-run climbing walls in Sierra Leone to working with our friends in Hackney to make climbing a more accessible sport to school children from all backgrounds.