Torque Nut


Product Overview

Torque Nuts are a fantastic option for bomb-proof protection of parallel sided cracks. Their shape means they can be used in multiple orientations, giving you a wide range of placement options with every piece. Lightweight aluminium alloy construction means that despite their low weight, each Torque Nut has a 14kN strength rating.

They are supplied with an extendable (and DMM-replaceable) Dyneema sling to help reduce rope drag without extra quickdraws. The simplicity and robustness of the Torque Nuts means they work in all conditions - they are especially useful in winter, when icy cracks cannot be protected with cams, and when the juducious application of a few tool whacks may be needed to persuade a piece to sit securely.





1 - Green 14kN 54g 31 - 41mm
2 - Red 14kN 70g 36 - 49mm
3 - Gold  14kN 104g 44 - 59mm
4 - Blue 14kN 146g 54 - 71mm

Certification: EN12270