Up Lace LV


Product Overview

The Up Lace LV is stiff shoe that excels at precision edging. UP-RH rubber extends the full length of the sole, giving grip and durability, and a solid midsole provides a reassuring base. The laces are designed to adjust quickly and easily, and help protect the top of the foot in jams and cracks, while the synthetic 'Solo Suede' uppers are sturdy and retain their shape well over the life of the shoe.

Size Range: UK 1.5 - 8.5 (inc. halves)

Sole Rubber: UP-RH

Sole Thickness: 3.5mm

Insole: Stiff

Upper Material: Synthetic

Lining: Yes (Unspecified)


In common with most of the Unparallel range, the UP Lace LV is vegan-friendly